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Our goal here in TEQUILA TACO BAR is to be able to give our costumers the Mexican taste and experience through our cuisines with a fresh and clean atmosphere and concept. A family owned restaurant that sees immense opportunity and a promise to our ambition in Harrisonburg. Giving the busy individuals in this city a chance to relax and indulge in great food and drinks on their busiest days.

- FOOD -
Authentic Food is the name and Mexican is its middle name! As we would always want to stay true to our aim of providing authentic cuisines with the food that we usually enjoy and eat living in Mexico. Along with the classic drinks of over 100 different kinds of tequila, beers, cocktails, frozen margarita and more, you can definitely guarantee that we can serve your favorite drinks for you! Give yourself a chance to relax, enjoy, have fun and be completely satisfied when you come and join us here in TEQUILA TACO BAR, at 1007 S. Main St., located in in front of James Madison University


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